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Englands' Famous Dudleys

Welcome, to Englands Famous Dudley's Websites!

Hello and again welcome. This website is for those Dudley's who were of English birth and lived in England, and were either famous or contributed to the history of England and/or its development during the Industrial Revolution and beyond.

There were a lot of Dudley's who made it to the history books, as Knights, Lords and even a Queen and then some who were inventors, scientist, or even just a strong influence in England's past.

I hope to include all of these Dudleys on this website. If you might know of any who are not listed, and have information about them, please let me know, so that I may add them to this site. Remember they have to of been born and lived in England.

Thank you for visiting England's Famous Dudley's and please come back often, for this is a work in progress, and I hope to be adding new information often.

Thank you,
C. H. Dudley, Webmaster

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I have been asked by several students who have used this sight for their school projects for specific information about this site, that they may cite this website in their reports. For those of you who need this information, I have listed it below:
England's Famous Dudley's
Charles H. Dudley
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August,15th, 2001
This site is self-published by C. H. Dudley.

You are welcome to copy and use the material and/or images on this web site as you wish. While I'm adding the new information to this website and you need more information than what I have listed, please let me know, E-mail Link at the bottom of each page.
All information on this web site has been verified by myself, and to the best of my knowledge is true and correct.

Webmaster: C. H. Dudley

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Last Updated; 3-10-08

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New Page Titles Added

1. The Biography for Robert Dudley is now on the Lord Robert Dudley Page.

2. Dud Dudley and the Industrial Revolution;

3. Englands Famous Dudley Page-Read about Edmund, John, and Ambrose Dudley, with a link to the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh-1547;

4. Agnes Hotot Dudley and The House of Dudleys of Northamptonshire

5. Was Robin Hood a Dudley? read about Richard Dudley who began robbing the rich and given it back to the poor, but not all of the booty be sure of that.

More new pages and page updates to come in the near future.

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Dudley Family Crest

Dudley Family Coat of Arms

Dudley Family Coat of Arms

Dudley Family Coat of Arms

Dudley Family Crest

Dudley Family Crest

Above are several examples of the Dudley Family Coat of Arms and Family Crest,
below is the Dudley Family Badge, "The Bear and Staff".

To find out more about Family Crests, Coats of Arms, and Family Badges, go to the Heraldry page, there you will find information on the use of Coats of Arms and how they came about, and information on the symbols and colors. Each one had a special meaning, so the bearer of these 'Arms' could be recognize from a distance or to tell who was fighting who.

Dudley Family Badge, "The Bear and Staff"
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Ambrose Dudley

All the information on this website is to the best of my knowledge and ability, is believe by me to be true. It is information I have taken a lot of time to research, verify as true and to my own interpretations of these facts that I have read or heard. If there is anything that you may question as true, please bring it to my attention, so I may clarify the information or delete it from this website.

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